NDT Career Opportunity for Matriculants


Every time we climb into a car, fly in an airplane, ride on a train or walk across a bridge we take it for granted that it is safe. But is it? How is it checked? As an NDT Technician you will be part of the process of checking and testing every stage of development of components and structures from their development stage, through their life cycles until they are no longer used. Most importantly all of these tests are done without causing any damage!

Non-destructive testing is used in a wide range of industries (transport, petrochemical and nuclear for example) therefore NDT work opportunities are almost endless. Testing for safety is a serious business, so good training is critical. Any errors can have disastrous consequences.

Qualification of NDT Technicians is highly important and progresses through 3 levels of competence in each method. A level I technician is qualified/certified to perform NDT inspections and the acquisition of data according to written instructions under the supervision of appropriately qualified/certified Level II or Level III personnel.
Level II personnel have demonstrated competence to perform and supervise non- destructive testing according to established or recognized procedures and perform a more detailed analysis of test results.

We offer training in all NDT methods and have specially designed a campaign for matriculants who wish to pursue a career in NDT. Please visit a ANDTC office or see us at one of the open days to find out how you can pursue a career in NDT.


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