By   August 22, 2018

African NDT Centre celebrates Women’s Day

This year African NDT Centre took the opportunity to show appreciation for all the special women in the workplace by heading to Urban Bistro, a cozy eatery tucked away in Manhattan Office Park, for a Women’s Day “cake and tea”.

Seated outside, soaking up the winter morning sunshine, we indulged in scrumptious savoury bites served in the form of Mediterranean and Tapas Platters, accompanied by the finest selection of teas and coffees.

The highlight was being served delectable slices of shortbread-crusted vanilla chiffon cake, with mixed berry buttercream, topped with cheesecake truffles – it tasted even better than it looked!

Mouthwatering edibles, endless conversation (and laughter) among remarkable women – a morning well spent! ?

“It is in celebrating our commonalities, our differences and our individuality that we can support each other and prosper through respect and diversity.”

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