By   May 29, 2017

Andtc is proud to announce that the COSAC training was a great success.

The training and examinations were carried out in a very professional manner by Joe Benardi from COSAC and the results prove that we have staff who are simply awesome.

Martha, Linda and Jelte passed their PT level 2
Moses and Sandra passed their RT level 1
Andrew passed his RT level 2
Kobus and Andre both are proud owners of a new level 3 in PT and Ut respectively
Wayne re certified his UT and PT Level 3

We are also happy to announce that we have some extra PCN level 3’s on the wall.

Evo passed his MT and UT
Garath Passed his MT, PT and UT.

All in all April was quite a busy week here at Andtc but the hard work paid off in the end.

Happy Training

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