Sandra Wilcocks
Finance Manager
Sandra loves spending time with her family friends and pets, at work though she loves helping out her colleagues
Kobus Kitching
Workshop Manager
Kobus has is a scuba diver and loves fishing and gaming, but at work he loves building his NDT career and the career of those he manages. His greatest achievement is " Level 3 COSAC "
Sipho Sithole
Admin Supervisor
At home he loves watching a good movie, but at work he is a great problem solver. His greatest achievement is mastering PCN cert requirements.
Tebogo Makume
When he is at home he socializing or reading a good book and at work he shows leadership by understanding the mindsets of his co-workers. His greatest achievement is being promoted to a leadership position.
Wayne Claassens
Training Manager
Wayne loves playing golf when he is not working, but at work he enjoys solving problems. His biggest achievement is playing golf toe to toe with a pro.
Evo Mainstry-Thavar
Durban branch manager
Evo's hobbies include Reading, watching sports, socialising with friends, beer. what he enjoys most at work is the awesome work environment and colleagues.
Jelte Marais
Level 3 / NDT Lecturer
Jelte loves brewing beer at home and spending time with his family, at work he enjoys teaching students. His greatest achievement is becoming a father.
Suzaan Badenhorst
NDT Lecturer / Level 3 Admin
Suzaan loves camping and anything outdoors, when at work she enjoys sharing her knowledge with students. Her greatest achievement is "10 years in NDT without psychological evaluation"
Julia Kekana
Julia loves running and spending time with friends, when at work she enjoys helping students. Her greatest achievement is ...
Robyn Damon
She enjoys reading the most and just recently have developed a love for the gym.At work she enjoys the challenges of the assignments and tasks that she is given. Her greatest achievement was having to write her exams whilst in her very last trimester of my pregnancy.